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A Wanker’s Literary Reaction: Wonder Woman Trailer

Yes, this is my second post today. But I’m ill, and if I’d known the Wonder Woman trailer would drop today, boy oh boy, would I have conserved my blogging energy! Let’s take a look at the first take on everyone’s favourite Amazonian warrior.

A Wanker’s Literary Reaction: Preacher Premiere

So, Preacher, huh? You may or may not be acquainted with the comics (I am, but am not the hardest-corest of the hardcore fans), but it’s probably been hard to avoid talk on the AMC show, which premiered last night. A notoriously filthy tale that revolves around Jessie Custer, a small-town reverend in the Deep South […]

A Wanker’s Literary Reaction: The New Doctor Who Companion

Bitch, please, did you really think I was going to let the announcement of a new Doctor Who companion pass by without comment? I would have had this blog post up last night, but I was too busy drinking rum and being an indefensible bastard- and occasionally breaking to scroll through the Twitter reaction to […]

A Wanker’s Literary Reaction: Doctor Strange Trailer

Phew, these new trailers are really coming thick and fast this week, right? I guess Marvel had to parry DC’s suspiciously decent-looking Suicide Squad trailer with someone equally as attention-grabbing- so they’ve chucked out a teaser for the upcoming Dr Strange. Now, this is a movie I’ve heard little about, but every screenshot I’ve seen […]

A Wanker’s Literary Reaction: Suicide Squad Trailer 3

After the fiasco that was Batman vs Superman, DC have a lot of damage control to do. Rumours of hasty reshoots to turn the upcoming Suicide Squad movie into a lighter-toned romp abound and, to top them off, they released a new trailer last night at the MTV Movie Awards (which were hosted by Kevin […]

A Wanker’s Literary Reaction: Ghostbusters Trailer

So, after a the disappointment of Deadpool in terms of it’s female characters, I’m looking forward to anything that gives us a bit more vag action in the cinema in the upcoming blockbuster season. And this year’s Ghostbusters reboot promises just that, so let’s take a look at the trailer! So, after a the disappointment […]

A Wanker’s Literary Reaction: Legends of Tomorrow

I’m no fan of superhero media- films, TV, even comics, a lot of it just leaves me cold. One of my main problems with superhero stuff is that it seems to be to keen to go “dark”-after the success of the Dark Knight franchise (which has a lot to answer for), a clutch of superhero […]

A Wanker’s Literary Reaction: Suicide Squad Trailer

So, I’ve been away for a while- but when I saw that the new Suicide Squad trailer was getting released last night, I couldn’t resist the chance to take it apart. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at DC’s next potentially catastrophic entry into their canon. 0:01: HOLD THE FUCK UP IS THAT […]

A Wanker’s Literary Reaction: How to Get Away with Murder

So, I’ve been interested in How to Get Away with Murder ever since Viola Davis scooped an Emmy for her performance in it earlier this year. I’m not particularly into police/crime procedural shows, so I wasn’t exactly coming to the show from a place of wild enthusiasm or any beyond “huh, this is on Netflix […]

A Wanker’s Literary Reaction: The Clone Wars

So, I don’t think I’ve ever written much about Star Wars on this blog, and that’s pretty shocking when you consider how much of my brainspace the sci-fi series usually takes up. The very first movie I ever remember seeing was The Phantom Menace (which I still contend is a really good movie, and by […]