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Influencer Culture, Eating Disorders, and the Promise of Wellness

Wellness has a nice ring to it, right? There’s something soothing about that term. Calming. Wellness, like it’s all about shifting your life into some soft-focus place of warm, pillowy goodness. You just want to be well. It’s simple, isn’t it? Really? Trigger warning for discussions of eating disorder behaviours.

Why I Don’t Talk About My Eating Disorder

Trigger warning for discussion of eating disorder behaviours.

The Acceptable Eating Disorder

Trigger Warning for discussion of anorexia, bulimia, and general eating disorder behaviour.

The One With the Eating Disorder

Hating my body was the easiest thing in the world.  

Notes on a Sex Object

What does it mean to objectify somebody?

An Asshole’s Guide to Not Hating Yourself

Hi! I’m Louise, and I’m an asshole.

Why I’m Not Vegan Anymore

I’ve been vegetarian for pretty much my entire life. I’ve just never really liked meat, and did the usual baby-vegetarian thing of looking at my cats, looking at my chicken nuggets, and figuring that I didn’t want to put things in my mouth that came from another animal, something which had the figurative ability to […]

Not Sick Enough

Honestly, I’m going to get back to the fun stuff soon, I am. It’s just that Riverdale has been off air for three weeks and maybe it’s the only thing giving my life meaning, you know? Well, time for one more introspective bungee-jump before it’s back tomorrow.

Tumblr, Self-Harm, and Me

This is a brief warning for people who come here for the funny jokes about Christian Grey being a wanker or retrospectives on Frasier (coming soon, folks!): this will not be particularly funny and may well be triggering for those who’ve self-harmed in the past. I’ve recently discovered tumblr, because I was forced to sign […]

My Body, Positively

Hi! I’m Lou. This is me: This is me as I am most of the time – usually dressed like I’m about to go pick up the kids (the cat) from school and then head to the gym, with stomach rolls and broad shoulders, scars on my arms and my tummy and my chest. I […]